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RJ Merchants is not liable for any misuse of any of the products, information or recommendations. The information and images on this web site are for entertainment and educational purposes only. None of the listed information is to be used as advice for any medical procedure. By reading, accepting, and continuing to view pages within the context of, you acknowledge that this information is to be used for entertainment and/or educational purposes only and does not represent nor replace the advice of a licensed care practitioner.

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Who We Are

RJ Merchants is your solution for unique products, services, and information primarily in the area of Scientifically Based Medical Nutrition Education. Our secondary focus is in the area of Home Security Alarm Systems.

We search out only the best information available on a host of health related topics such as weight loss, why diets don’t work. Does the HCG diet work, and is it dangerous? What really causes diabetes, cancer, muscle pain, heartburn, digestive problems, and a host of other problems? Alternatives to antibiotics, and how to get rid of chonic sinusitis and sinus infections.  Is Candida Albicans  or yeast overgrowth really the culprit? Do detox products really work?

Due to the nature of our site, RJ Merchants is more focused on education than product line.  It is our mission to link up with and promote companies and their products that stand above the rest for your hard to find needs. We do not spend any of our valuable time on “fluff” information, and there is a lot of fluff out there.

Our goal is to continue to add free information to our site with invaluable content. We specialize in information about products and services that are not well known to the general public because we believe you are more important than bottom line. We sincerely hope you find our information informative and beneficial.

Please visit our affiliate page if you would like to have your product or service added to our web site (subject to review prior to acceptance). Please contact us if you would like to partner with us.

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