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If you are considering doing or have already done HCG, did you know that although HCG will initially help you to loose weight, it does not cure the underlining problem that caused the weight gain in the first place? The videos here are a must see uncovering the real culprit that causes weight and other health related problems. Also see our New Blog where we will be talking more about weight loss in more detail.

Below are some resources in PDF format to help you understand the HCG Program.  

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10 Bad Foods List (A Must Have Free Resource)

HCG Made Simple (Great Resource)

HCG Guide

HCG Recipes

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HCG & Weight Loss Education

ASAP your weight away with our ASAP Medical Nutrition program. Click the banner above for more info!

HCG Supplement Packs (Excellent Free Resource)

Why almost everyone gains weight back after HCG and how you can prevent it.

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